Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moved passwords to 1Password

Finally. I've wanted to do that forever. I moved 333 passwords from work and 530 passwords from home (both Firefox/PC) to 1Password/Mac. How to:

install secure delete on PC (heidi.ie) and Mac - you will be exporting your passwords to the disk (hard drive, USB, whatever), so you want to be able to securely erase the part of the disk that those files were on. i use Eraser (free) on Windows ( here ) and, of course, Secure Empty Trash is part of Leopard on the Mac.

export passwords out of Firefox - there is a free add-on for Firefox ( here ) that allows you to export your passwords to a file. after you install it, go to tools / options / import/export / export. i chose to export as a csv file instead of xml, but either one works.

merge the password files - i brought my work password file home and used the Import feature to merge the two password files ( tools / options / import/export / import ).

check your errors - you will get a number of errors. most of them are duplicates and some are other types of problems. make note of all of them, especially the "duplicates" since they may not be duplicates. huh? well, the web site and username will be the same, but the password may be different -- maybe you changed the password and only accessed it AFTER the change at one location. you will have to check the csv or xml file to see what the two passwords are, and if different, fix things. the easiest way to do that is to log in again, using what firefox thinks is the right password and if it does not work, then use the one from the imported file.

Move profile to Mac
Fix 1Password (false start) - Firefox setting
Import into 1Password
Copy keychain to USB
Copy into PC area
Bring up 1Password
put iPhone, iPad, Mac on same wireless
Bring up iPhone 1Password
turn on wireless sync
follow instructions for Mac
repeat for iPad

all - option to leave userid out of title (and only in details) in GUI (i know why its needed in the dialog)
iPad - option to sort by domain
PC - auto fill without Ctrl-\

next steps:
go back to Firefox and clean out profile (dups due to formName, fields)



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